Nymphaea Perfumes: Two types of printed clear labels

Nymphaea: Labels on perfume bottles.

Nymphaea Perfumes, which are 100% authentic artisanal perfumes, were founded with a mission to create fragrances handcrafted in small batches that help nourish our body, mind and spirit.

Transparent branded labels with printing.
Transparent branded labels with printing

Anything can be a source of inspiration when creating aromatic synergies like a musical note, a color, an image, a quality, a scenery, a human virtue.

Printed stickers with gold logo.
Printed stickers with gold logo

NewMan Packaging sticky labels complete the luxury on perfumes’ bottles.

Gold hot foil packaging adhesive labels.
Gold hot foil packaging adhesive labels

Upon custom request, we printed two series of gold hot-foil adhesive labels.

As you can see in the following pictures, both series are transparent sticky labels, with only one difference. One set contains extra transparent sticky labels, especially made for glasses and bottles, that give a better optical result.

The transparent part of the sticker is not completely invisible but it is very clear with high quality gold foil printing, giving the impression of a printed bottle. The content of the bottle is also completely visible.

Extra clear labels, especially made for bottles, glass and mirror.
Extra clear labels especially made for bottles glass and mirror

If you want to see more printed sticky labels to get inspired for your own personalized products, visit the “Photo Gallery” page here.

Wholesale stickers with corporate brand name.
Wholesale stickers with corporate brand name

Learn about hot-foil printing technique by clicking the relevant article.

Gold hot foil printing
Gold hot foil printing

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