Max Dilon: Die-cut boxes, aero metal envelopes and satin logo ribbons

Max Dilon: NewMan printed packaging.

A necessary ingredient for the success of a package is not to look like all the others!

Let’s think, what does it take for this to happen?

Χάρτινα κουτιά συσκευασίας, ασυναρμολόγητα και πλαστικοποιημένα.
Επαγγελματικές κορδέλες συσκευασίας με εταιρικό τύπωμα.
Λευκή μεταξοτυπία σε τυπωμένους φακέλους ταχυδρομείου.
Συρταρωτά die-cut κουτιά NewMan με γυαλιστερή πλαστικοποίηση.
Διακοσμητική κορδέλα με εκτύπωση λογότυπου.
Φάκελοι ταχυδρομείου με bubbles και εταιρικό λογότυπο.
Ειδική παραγγελία σε συρταρωτά κουτιά τύπου σπιρτόκουτο NewMan.
Ανάγλυφη μεταλλική χρυσή μεταξοτυπία σε σατέν κορδέλες.
Φάκελοι συσκευασίας αερομέταλ με λογότυπο για καταστήματα e-shop.

Lots of imagination, creativity, market research and originality!

Especially when several types of packaging are combined, uniformity and consistency are achieved, which increase the chances of the desired result, satisfied customers and augmented sales!

The Max Dilon store trusted us to manufacture packaging items consisting of die cut paper sliding boxes, aero metallic bubble wrap mailers and satin ribbons with logo.

More specifically, 320gr cardboard, glossy black lamination with gold edging and gold logo were used for the box making, which have the following dimensions in flat / open format: 66x66x40 mm, 94x94x40 mm and 175x175x30 mm (50x50x40 mm, 80x80x40 mm and 155x155x30 mm assembled respectively).

NewMan die-cut sliding boxes with glossy lamination.
NewMan die cut sliding boxes with glossy lamination

All boxes are delivered in a flat-open format and have a black inner velvet-foam with inserts in the following sizes: 50x50x15 mm, 80x80x15 mm and 155x155x15 mm.

They are very easy to assemble and in case you ask us, we provide instructions on the correct way to assemble and use them.

NewMan slider matchbox-type boxes upon custom order.
NewMan slider matchbox type boxes upon custom order

Consult the NewMan samples guide to find the right type and color of paper to make your own boxes.

Get inspired by other NewMan matchbox-type boxes here.

Paper packaging boxes, unassembled and laminated.
Paper packaging boxes unassembled and laminated

Bubble envelopes are black glossy laminated and waterproof aero metallic mailers with bubble wrap made of 80% recycling material for e-shop deliveries via post office or courier companies.

Postal bubble mailers with corporate logo.
Postal bubble mailers with corporate logo

They close with adhesive tape and are available in 2 different sizes: 19×23.5cm with a 6cm lid and 34.5×23.5cm with a 6cm lid.

Aero metallic packaging envelopes with logo for e-shops.
Aero metallic packaging envelopes with logo for e shops

The printing technique on the mail envelopes is white silk-screen printing.

White silk-screen printing on postage mailers.
White silk screen printing on postage mailers

The ribbons chosen to complete the Max Dilon brand packaging line-up are 12mm wide double-sided luxury satin, with an embossed metallic gold silk-screen logo printing.

Embossed metallic gold silk-screen printing on satin ribbons.
Embossed metallic gold silk screen printing on satin ribbons

If you are interested about our ribbons, click the link.

If you want to compare our printed ribbons and see the prices, click here.

Corporate packaging ribbons with brand name.
Corporate packaging ribbons with brand name

If you are still confused of what ribbon to print, feel free to check our photo gallery with previous projects.

Learn about silk-screen printing technique by clicking the relevant article.

Decorative ribbon with logo printing.
Decorative ribbon with logo printing

Learn about hot-foil printing technique by clicking the relevant article.

If you wish to learn more about our packaging products or if you have any other question, please contact us.

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