L’escalier Arachova: Embossed silk-screen printing on packaging ribbons

L'escalier Concept Store Arachova: Newman ribbons with logo printing.

L’escalier was designed as a concept store and is the first of its kind in Arachova.

Carefully selected products such as Katerina Ioannidis, Ileanna Makri, Lito jewellery and Lampe Berger scented lamps make their first appearance in Arachova.

L'escalier Concept Store Arachova: Τυπωμένες κορδέλες Newman με λογότυπο.
Τυπωμένες κορδέλες χονδρικής με λογότυπο.
Ανάγλυφη εκτύπωση σε επώνυμη κορδέλα.
Η ελάχιστη ποσότητα για εκτύπωση κορδέλας είναι τα 500 μέτρα.
Διακοσμητικές κορδέλες για συσκευασίες δώρου.

The perceptive design of Komono glasses and clocks as well as the small home decorative items complete the “scene” of the first floor.

The continuation to the basement, where the warmth of the space is complemented by pillows and throws, fur blankets and other handmade fabrics.

Wholesale ribbons with logo printing.
Wholesale ribbons with logo printing

The fairy-tale music boxes and packages with creams, cookies and jams originating from London complete the range of products selected, based on the high level of quality and aesthetics in combination with their “value for money” price.

Embossed printing on a branded ribbon.
Embossed printing on a branded ribbon

For the packaging of L’escalier Concept Store Arachova products, NewMan company created printed grosgrain ribbons in black, using the white embossed silk screen printing method to print the “L’escalier Arachova” logo.

Decorative ribbons for gift packaging.
Decorative ribbons for gift packaging

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The minimum quantity for ribbon printing is 500 meters.
The minimum quantity for ribbon printing is 500 meters

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