Karageorgiou: Cotton fishbone ribbons in various colors

Karageorgiou Furniture: Fishbone ribbon with gold printing.

Karageorgiou company specializes in handmade and bespoke furniture and interiors, which stand out for their timelessness, high aesthetics and excellent quality.

Founded by Georgios Karageorgiou in 1934, Karageorgiou Furniture has since become one of Greece’s oldest and most established family businesses, specializing in interior design and the creation of bespoke furniture.

Logo printing on fishbone ribbons.
Wholesale cotton ribbons with print.
Karageorgiou Furniture: Fishbone ribbon with gold printing.

In 2000, Georgios’ granddaughters, Aspa and Eleana Karageorgiou joined the company, injecting a new burst of vitality into the business, and in 2015, introduced their new collection, ‘Bliss by Karageorgiou”, making the “Karageorgiou collection” a representation of all tastes.

In the Karageorgiou workshop, creativity meets practical thinking.

Art and technical experience join as one in perfect harmony.

Whether it’s the creation of one specific object, the restoration of a cherished piece or the development of an entire new space, all projects, regardless of size, are undertaken by the Karageorgiou team and are handled with passion and unrelenting attention to detail.

Logo printing on fishbone ribbons.
Logo printing on fishbone ribbons

Karageorgiou SA” in four modern colors, white, dark blue, black and olive green, using the method of gold silk screen printing on the logo.

The minimum order quantity for printed ribbon is 10 rolls of 50 meters (500 meters).

We need your logo in vector graphic format or a high-resolution photograph (300 dpi) so it can be edited and printed correctly in the type of packaging you choose.

Wholesale cotton ribbons with print.
Wholesale cotton ribbons with print

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