Imade 3D: Printed twisted handle carrier bags

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For Imade3D in Cyprus that is an expert in providing professional 3D printing equipment, solutions and support, we printed twisted handle paper carrier bags from  “Twisted handle carrier gift bag White – NewMan”, using the silk-screen printing technique.

Eco-friendly twisted handle paper carrier bag.
Eco friendly twisted handle paper carrier bag

Twisted Handle Paper Carrier bags give the luxurious style of a hand-made rope handle but with the lower costs only possible from a fully automated high-speed bag making equipment.

Both elegant and sturdy, these carrier bags are suitable for gift shops, boutiques and other small businesses.

They are made from strong 100gsm brown Kraft paper that has been bleached white and then printed in a variety of colors.

Silk-screen printed logo on paper shopping bag.
Silk screen printed logo on paper shopping bag

Carrier Paper bags with twisted handle are also called gift bags.

These bags are very popular in packaging and they come in 6 sizes in packets of 25 bags. There is a special offer for on-line orders for box of bags.

Low-priced and eco-friendly paper bags for your products.
Low priced and eco friendly paper bags for your products

If you are still confused of what bag to print, feel free to check our portfolio with previous projects.

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