Gournelos jewellery store: Red TLB paper bags with logo

Gournelos: Printing on textured paper bags.

The number one packaging color for Christmas is red with its shades.

Κόκκινες τσάντες συσκευασίας με χρυσοτυπία.
Γκουρνέλος: Τυπωμένες τσαλακωτές χάρτινες τσάντες.
Κόκκινη σακούλα συσκευασίας χονδρικής με εταιρικό τύπωμα.

This time, our favorite jewelry store Gournelos, based on the idea that every piece of jewellery is unique just like everything around us, chose luxury red bags to pack its products.

The packaging bags are chosen from the “TLB Paper Bags” NewMan series, which are made of embossed matte paper in red color with cotton cord as a handle.

Gold hot-foil printing on red packaging bags.
Gold hot foil printing on red packaging bags

Gournelos logo was printed using the gold hot-foil printing method.

See other printed luxury bags by NewMan in our photo gallery here.

Red wholesale packaging bag with brand name printing.
Red wholesale packaging bag with brand name printing

Learn about hot-foil printing technique by clicking the relevant article.

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