Glow Today, Glow Everyday: Liami’s Journey into Elevating Women’s Style

In the world of fashion and jewellery, Liami stands out as a shining beacon of creativity and innovation. Her motto in life, ” Glow Today, Glow Everyday”, encompasses not only her philosophy but also her own jewelry line designed to enhance a woman’s natural glow. Liami’s passion for constant evolution on a personal and professional level have converged to give birth to a unique and exceptional collection that promises to steal the show.
Understanding the importance of presentation in the fashion world, Liami partnered with Newman Packaging to create a packaging experience as exceptional as her jewelry. The result? Custom-made pouches, ribbons and boxbags that reflect the style that characterizes Liami’s creations.


For the ribbons, Liami chose black grosgrain ribbons with a black embossed print. The elegant black ribbons serve as the perfect complement to the minimalist aesthetic that defines her jewellery line.


For the pouches, she chose beige leatherette with a gold print of her logo. The choice of beige lends a subtle warmth, while the gold logo print exudes luxury and exclusivity.


The boxbags, a critical element of the overall packaging experience, were meticulously selected by Liami. In black with a glossy black print that proudly declares: “Concentrate more in the packaging“. This statement is not just a directive; it is a reflection of her belief that the entire experience, from opening the box to adorning her jewellery, should be something extraordinary.

Her attention to detail extends beyond her creations to the packaging that houses them. She understands that the first contact and first look of her jewelry is just as important as the pieces themselves. The combination of black, beige and gold in her chosen packaging colors reflects the timelessness of her designs.

As Liami’s jewellery range continues to garner attention and admiration, it is clear that her commitment to constant evolution and excellence is paying off.



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