Fotini Psarouli Jewellery: Suede printed pouches with logo

Fotini Psarouli Jewellery: Gold hot-foiled printed pouches.

Fotini Psarouli is a masterful jewellery maker that creates, elegant artisanal jewellery.

Jewellery cases, ideal for e-shops and physical stores.
Jewellery cases ideal for e shops and physical stores

Her true passion is gold, which she crafts with great skill, embellishing her designs with striking gemstones, resulting in her characteristic charming jewels.

As all of her jewelry is completely handmade and each is always crafted with a fresh view, the result is often one of kind pieces that are guaranteed to become all-time favorites.

Printed pouch.
Printed pouch

For the “Fotini Psarouli Jewellery” brand, NewMan Packaging printed suede pocket-shaped pouches with button in light gray color, using the gold hot-foil printing.

Pouches with gold hot-foiled logo.
Pouches with gold hot foiled logo

The printed pocket pouches are in the following sizes: 70x60mm, 100x80mm και 105x55mm.

Each pocket pouch has some differences in its design that you can find in the following link.

Jewellery packaging by NewMan, Suede luxurious pouches.
Jewellery packaging by NewMan Suede luxurious pouches

If you are interested in printed pouches and especially for available colors, shapes and prices, click this link.

Feel free to check our portfolio with previous printed suede pouches.

Pocket shaped pouches with button, in various sizes and colors.
Pocket shaped pouches with button in various sizes and colors

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