Elixir Gallery: Branded bags


The online Gallery ELIXIR cooperates with some very talented fashion designers that brings to the market high quality clothes made from high quality materials. Upon a custom order we printed their logo with the details of this gallery, on our luxury Burano bag series. The white print you see in the pictures was made with the silk screen printing technique!

White silk screen printing on Burano bags

The Luxury Burano Bags are made as their name suggests from Burano paper, which upon its manufacturing process (while the paper was still a pulp) was painted black in order to achieve the depth and the quality of the black color of the final product. Therefore giving the advantage of having the same deep matte black color on both inside and outside the bag. For a handle we used a cotton chord, while the inside we reinforced the bottoms of the bags with thick black cardboard. Finally what makes the Burano bag series special is that you can print your logo in small quantities! In our store you will find them available in 13 different sizes. Check them out in our website here.

Learn more about the silk screen printing technique from our post. If you are interested to print your logo on packaging products or for any other information, please contact us.

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