Dante by Yiorgos Karavas: Printed ribbons with logo

Ribbons for men’s collection – George Karavas

A complete singular way of seeing men’s fashion has been introduced by Antonis Papastavrou, inspirer and co-founder of the Greek brand Dante, with his wife Antriana Paraskevopoulou.

Ribbons for Yiorgos Karavas men’s collection.
Ribbons for Yiorgos Karavas mens collection

Yiorgos Karavas, famous model and creator of his own Dante collection followed the founders’ aspiration to fill the gap in the Greek market between fast fashion and sur-mesure (tailor-made clothes).

Branded luxury ribbons with print.
Branded luxury ribbons with print

NewMan Packaging printed 12mm gray luxury satin ribbons with black print for “Dante by Yiorgos Karavas” collection, using the silk-screen printing.

Silk-screen printed satin ribbons.
Silk screen printed satin ribbons

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Wholesale packaging ribbons.
Wholesale packaging ribbons

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We printed luxury ribbon for “Dante by Yiorgos Karavas” collection.
We printed luxury ribbon for Dante by Yiorgos Karavas collection

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Printed satin ribbons
Printed satin ribbons

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