Barbóra: Printed suede pouches with logo

Barbora: Printed NewMan packaging pouches.

Barbóra company is a handcrafted jewellery collection, drawing on inspiration from the Greek heritage, the mysterious energy of cosmogony theory, the nature, the sea and their imperfections.

Using traditional craftsmanship techniques and quality materials, each piece is carefully crafted in Athens jewellery studio.

Βαθυτυπία σε σουέτ πουγκιά NewMan.
Μωβ σουέτ πουγκιά με εκτύπωση λογότυπου.
Τιρκουάζ τυπωμένα σουέτ πουγκιά.
Επώνυμα πουγκιά για κοσμήματα με τύπωμα.
Barbora: Τυπωμένα πουγκιά συσκευασίας NewMan.
Εκτυπωμένα πουγκιά σε σχήμα τσέπης με λωρίδα.
Τιρκουάζ και μωβ πουγκιά συσκευασίας.
Πουγκιά σουέτ με λωρίδα στο κλείσιμο και τυπωμένο λογότυπο.

Greek jewellery designer of Barbóra, Barbara Safaka, argues that gold and silver texture is her way of telling stories, linking the ancient and amorphous with a modern perspective, always using a feeling behind everything she does.

Believing in the timelessness of art, she loves the way in which jewellery is made to be passed on through generations and becomes a part of the woman and her story.

Suede pouches with a stripe and a printed logo.
Suede pouches with a stripe and a printed logo

Through Barbóra jewelry company, we present to you our new colors and designs of NewMan jewelry pouches, which excite even the most demanding professionals who want to be unique, gaining a competitive advantage in the market.

Turquoise and purple packaging pouches.
Turquoise and purple packaging pouches

Our new suede pouches are turquoise and purple in two pioneering designs, a plain pocket and a pouch that ties with a stripe in the middle.

The plain pocket can be found in the dimensions 70x60mm and 88x88mm, while the pouch with a strip in the sizes of 70x60mm and 100x80mm.

Debossing printing on NewMan suede pouches.
Debossing printing on NewMan suede pouches

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Purple printed suede pouches with logo.
Purple printed suede pouches with logo

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Turquoise printed suede pouches.
Turquoise printed suede pouches

Barbóra company chose to print its new suede pouches, using the de-bossing printing.

Printed pocket-shaped pouches with stripe.
Printed pocket shaped pouches with stripe

Learn about de-bossing printing technique by clicking the relevant article.

Branded jewellery pouches with print.
Branded jewellery pouches with print

If you wish to learn more about our packaging products or if you have any other question, please contact us.

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