Non Woven Bags with your own logo

Create the shopping experience for your clients
that makes them remember you!

Lightweight and Durablehigh quality, durable and reusable handbags

Wide range of Colors & Sizesin different sizes and grip styles are ideal for packaging

100% recyclablebio-degradable and can burn without toxic contaminants

Create your own non-woven bag!

Minimum quantity

Minimum quantity of 1000pcs for no-print or 1-color or 2-color print bags. For 3-color print bags the minimum quantity is 3000pcs.

Design Services

Logo editing is FREE of charge!

Value for money!

Ideal and low-price packaging of the highest quality in the market.

Immediate Shipment

For deliveries outside Attiki region, the order is shipped within 2 weeks.

Free shipping within Attica region

High Definition Printing

We choose silk-screen technique for our Non-Woven eco-bags to achieve the best possible result with high-resolution colors. For more on silk-screen printing read here.

First Print set-up
cost 60€*

(*cost for 1-color print) One time cost charged only for the first time you print a logo/item.

FREE Reordering
set-up cost

Never pay the First Print set-up cost for reordering the same logo/item.

Free Logo Edit

You don't have to pay for the logo editing. It is FREE of charge!

Pantone Color Match

You can choose any Pantone color you wish.

About Non-Woven fabric

an eco-friendly recyclable product with a huge variety of uses

Non-woven fabrics are broadly defined as sheet or web structures bonded together by entangling fiber or filaments (and by perforating films) mechanically, thermally, or chemically. They are flat, porous sheets that are made directly from separate fibers or from molten plastic or plastic film. They are not made by weaving or knitting and do not require converting the fibers to yarn. Non-woven fabric is 100% recyclable. It is bio-degradable and can burn without toxic contaminants.

Non-woven fabrics provide specific functions such as absorbency, water resistance, resilience, stretch, softness, strength, flame retardancy, washability, cushioning, filtering, bacterial barriers and sterility. These properties are often combined to create fabrics suited for specific jobs while achieving a good balance between product use-life and cost. They can mimic the appearance, texture and strength of a woven fabric, and can be as bulky as the thickest paddings. To sum-up, why buy a non-woven product:

  • eco-friendly, recyclable,
  • durable, water-resistant,
  • high quality products,
  • competitive cost,
  • available in many styles and colors,
  • ideal for packaging, advertising and shopping.

Non-Woven Bags

High quality cost-competitive products

Bringing in new customers is never an easy job, but it's one that must get done in order to expand your brand. Really get people to notice your brand by handing out eco-friendly bags with your company's logo added.

The possibilities with these custom reusable bags are endless! Bring them along to your next trade show, festival, or convention and watch as your customers flock to your booth to grab these custom eco-friendly bags. They'll appreciate filling their eco-friendly non-woven bags with brochures and other promotional products to make a marvelous marketing package!

Our non-woven bags are available in 15 eye-popping colors. If you're looking to catch a potential customer's eye with a custom bag that has your name all over it, we propose that you choose a stunning background-logo contrast on your custom non-woven bag. Well, soon to be yours. Just choose the style, color & size of the bag and send us your logo. The rest is up to us. You will receive your custom non-woven bags at your door.

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