Resealable ziplock bags (100 pieces)

0,6517,58 (does not include VAT)

Clear reclosable and resealable mini ziplock bags. Single track zipper extends the width of the bag and keeps products clean and free from moisture.

Bags are made of 2 Mil thick virgin polyethylene and have a high-quality zip that protects your product.

These small bags are great for packaging jewelry, beads, coins etc.

Single track zipper is easy to pull open and pinch shut and, in this way, sealed bag keeps out dirt and moisture.

Note: In the following pictures you can see these thick, strong and durable poly baggies with resealable zip top lock for travel, storage, packaging and shipping next to a coin of 2€ as a comparison.

They are available in packages of 100 pieces per size.

The following prices refer to the package of 100 pieces.

With every order of more than 10 packages per size, you have a 10% discount on the final amount.