Matchbox-type Kraft Box Flat/Open – 10 sizes

0,242,98 (does not include VAT)

The matchbox-type boxes are available at 10 sizes and when you set them up, they have these dimensions:

No1  37x60x25 mm
No2  50x81x33 mm
No3  63x102x41 mm
No4  76x123x49 mm
No5  89x144x57 mm
N06  102x165x65 mm
No7  115x186x73 mm
No8  128x207x81 mm
No9  141x228x89 mm
No10 154x249x97 mm

The smaller boxes (No1, No2, No3, No4, No5) are available “flat” in packages:

No1 flat in package of 24 pieces
No2 flat in package of 24 pieces
No3 flat in package of 24 pieces
No4 flat in package of 6 pieces
No5 flat in package of 6 pieces

Boxes No6, No7, No8, No9 and No10 are sold in package of 3 pieces.

You will receive the boxes in flat cartons ready to assembly; which means that you get the patterns in order to fold the cartons by yourself and create the boxes. It is very easy, as you can watch in video below.