YSSO: Dark green printing on eco-friendly packaging pouches

YSSO: Wholesale cotton packaging pouches.

YSSO is the London and Athens based jewellery label from creative mom-and-daughter duo Alexia and Stalo Karides.

A shared vision of modern jewellery making characterizes their timeless Greek inspired designs.

History and creativity merge seamlessly for YSSO brand.

Κυπαρισσί εκτύπωση σε οικολογικά πουγκιά που σουρώνουν.
YSSO: Βαμβακερά πουγκιά συσκευασίας χονδρικής.
Επώνυμα υφασμάτινα πουγκιά με λογότυπο.

Stalo, an archaeologist who worked and excavated across Greece in the 1980s, was fascinated by the emotive power of jewellery as a vehicle for women to express themselves.

As a brand born of inter-generational and multidisciplinary collaboration, Alexia — a former lawyer and more — is the Creative Director of the brand and is constantly inspired by women across all paths, disciplines, and ages.

Artistic expression and craftsmanship are central to the brand YSSO, whose creations are designs by hand via direct sculpting from Stalo and Alexia, and are produced by skilled Greek artisans in small workshops in Athens.

Dark green printing on eco-friendly drawstring pouches.
Dark green printing on eco friendly drawstring pouches

These jewels are housed in eco-friendly NewMan packaging drawstring pouches with the YSSO logo printed on them.

The pouches are drawstring, off-white in color, having the size of 11x14cm and are made of fabric, 100% cotton and ecological.

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The dark-green silk-screen printing method was used for the logo.

Branded cloth pouches with logo.
Branded cloth pouches with logo

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