Woody by Alafouzos: Kraft jewellery cards with logo printing

Woody by Alafouzos Kythnos: Wholesale business jewellery cards with logo.

Somewhere in the alleys of the beautiful town of Kythnos island, you will see an impressive store founded by Antonis Alafouzos, which is called Woody.

You will find a large variety of wooden key-chains, earrings, magnets, bracelets, rings, wooden plates in 3D format, mobile cases and handbags, wooden wristwatches and wall clocks and many more handmade creations.

Τυπωμένα καρτελάκια για σκουλαρίκια κι αλυσίδες.
Woody by Αλαφούζος Κύθνος: Εταιρικά καρτελάκια κοσμημάτων χονδρική με λογότυπο.
Χάρτινα καρτελάκια κοσμημάτων με εγκοπές και εταιρικό λογότυπο.

Do not forget to go through the Woody by Alafouzos store for your souvenir gift, to leave the magical Aegean Island with the most beautiful impressions.

If you choose a piece of jewelry, you will catch the eye of NewMan handmade kraft paper jewelry cards, with the printing of the store’s name.

Printed earrings and chain jewellery cards.
Printed earrings and chain jewellery cards

These earrings and chains cards have inserts for placing the jewelry, in the size of 5.5×5.5cm.

Woody logo printing color is black.

Jewellery paper cards with inserts and corporate logo.
Jewellery paper cards with inserts and corporate logo

If you want to see more of our NewMan projects in printed professional jewelry cards, click on the link.

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