Viartvi: Printing on satin jewellery pouches

Viartvi: Wholesale satin branded pouches with hot-foil printing.

Viartvi jewellery store with a strong online presence via Etsy Shop and social media, has very impressive, handmade jewels in minimal lines, distinguished by elegance and geometric art jewellery.

Essentially, these are pieces of art, uniquely made with a lot of love since 2019.

Viartvi: Πουγκί σατέν για κόσμημα με εκτύπωση λογότυπου.
Viartvi: Τυπωμένα σατέν πουγκιά που σουρώνουν.
Viartvi: Επώνυμα σατέν πουγκιά χονδρικής με μεταλλοτυπία.

For Viartvi jewelry, we printed satin pouches in white color, of the 10×14 cm size, with black logo print, using the method of hot-foil printing.

If you are interested in pouches-sachets, visit the page here to find out their types, sizes and colors.

Viartvi: Satin printed drawstring pouches.
Viartvi Satin printed drawstring pouches

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Viartvi: Satin jewellery pouch with logo printing.
Viartvi Satin jewellery pouch with logo printing

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