Tzamos: Paper packaging bags with bronze printing

Tzamos jewellery shop: Printed NewMan bags with corporate logo.

The silver and goldsmithing shop of the Tzamos Family, is considered a jewellery shop of prestige, with precious jewellery from highly skilled craftsmen in Greece and abroad, with imports mainly from neighboring Italy.

Tzamos κοσμηματοπωλείο: Τυπωμένες τσάντες NewMan με εταιρικό λογότυπο.
Χάρτινες τσάντες συσκευασίας με λογότυπο.
Λευκές επώνυμες τσάντες δώρων με βαμβακερό κορδόνι για χερούλι.
Ειδικές παραγγελίες σε προσωποποιημένες σακούλες δώρων.
Μπρονζέ μεταλλοτυπία σε τσάντες χονδρικής.

Tzamos Jewellery Shop became a synonym of upgraded quality, good taste and professional service with a friendly and humane face, acquiring a reputation throughout Epirus.

Packaging paper bags with logo.
Packaging paper bags with logo

Tzamos jewellery store’s mission is the upgrade of its services, the top of the range approach to jewellery and the creation of a venue where precious jewellery is sold, which will add prestige and aesthetics to both the one selecting it and the one wearing it.

White branded gift bags with cotton rope handles.
White branded gift bags with cotton rope handles

NewMan Packaging took care of this jewellery store’s packaging, that include white paper bags with cotton cord bag handle, which are printed with bronze hot-foil printing technique.

Bronze hot-foil printing on wholesale bags.
Bronze hot foil printing on wholesale bags

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Personalized gift bags upon custom order.
Personalized gift bags upon custom order

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