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Arc En Ciel: Gold logo printing on jewellery cotton drawstring pouches

Arc En Ciel brand was created in 2019, but the original idea was born quite [...]

Thoosa: Logo printing on cotton drawstring pouches

In Greek mythology, Thoosa was the nymph daughter of a primordial sea God. The name [...]

Artijoux handmade jewelry: Suede and cotton pouches with logo printing

Dimitra Tzeli and Katerina Barouta are a professional duo, with kinship ties, who were motivated [...]

ena ena by Hellenic Fields: Printed fabric pouches with logo

Ena ena by Hellenic Fields’ team are farmers and producers of their own Extra Virgin [...]

Elena Votsi: Logo printing on cotton drawstring pouches

After studying at the Athens School of Fine Arts, Elena Votsi received a scholarship from [...]

Sarli: Logo printing on suede and fabric pouches

Sarli Evangelia-Theodora is operating in creating jewelry and accessories under the name “Sarli“. To pack [...]

Kiki Jewels: Fabric pouches and paper boxes with logo

Back in 1963, a family jewelry shop sparked the birth of a fresh new jewelry [...]

Arc en ciel: Jewellery packaging set

Arc en ciel is an online well designed feminine jewellery shop. The design of the [...]

“Harold and Co.”: Printed cloth pouches

NewMan Packaging carried through another printing project of cloth packaging pouches. Linen, fabric pouches with [...]

“my Efterpi”: Linen pouches with logo

“my Efterpi” came to fascinate you with its unique handmade creations. Distinctive home decorations and [...]