Twisted Handle Paper Carrier bags in White (28×22+10)

0,150,22 (does not include VAT)

Carrier Paper bags with twisted handle are also called gift bags. These bags are very popular in packaging and they are available in 6 sizes. There is a special offer for on-line orders for box of bags. You can see all sizes of White Twisted Carrier bags here.

Bag with dimensions 28×22+10 cm is available in package with 25 bags or a box of 300 bags. The more bags you order the higher discount you get.

25 bags package with 25 bags

1 box with 300 bags -15% discount

3 boxes with 900 bags -25% discount

5 boxes with 1500 bags -30% discount

Bags dimensions are 28×22+10 cm that means height 28 cm, width 22 cm & bottom 10 cm.