Seventeen “Targets Breast Cancer”

Ribbon-bracelets for Seventeen Hellas

Seventeen is an international brand since 1962 with motto “The Art of Beauty”. Supporting the global campaign “Fashion Targets Breast Cancer” Seventeen Hellas requested printed ribbons that are cut at 35cm for ribbon-bracelets. We printed and cut the ribbons with 3-colored digital printing. We cut the ribbons in a way that the threads will not unravel.

Seventeen “Targets Breast Cancer”
Seventeen - Fashion Targets Breast Cancer Hellas
Seventeen – Fashion Targets Breast Cancer Hellas

If you wish to see prices for printed ribbons check our page here. If you need printed and cut ribbons please contact us for more information.

3-color digital printing on ribbons
3-color digital printing on ribbons

Fashion Targets Breast Cancer® (FTBC), a charitable initiative of the CFDA Foundation, raises funds and public awareness for breast cancer in the U.S. and internationally. The Fashion Targets Breast Cancer® (FTBC) name and symbol were created by Ralph Lauren.

Over the past 22 years, Fashion Targets Breast Cancer has become a recognized and important charitable brand, and has enjoyed a variety of successful partnerships and associations.

Hundreds of newspaper and magazine stories have been published about FTBC, and the t-shirt has been worn by actors in films and on television. Some of the world’s most famous models and celebrities have lent their face to FTBC.

With the proceeds from Fashion Targets Breast Cancer campaigns worldwide, the CFDA Foundation provides meaningful help to all women concerned about and/or diagnosed with breast cancer by providing access to reliable health information and quality health care, and by supporting the distribution of innovative information, education and outreach that impacts the broadest number of women possible.

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Κορδέλα τυπωμένη βραχιολάκι "Η μόδα βάζει στόχο τον καρκίνο του στήθους"
Printed and cut ribbon for ribbon-bracelets

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