Santa Marina Mykonos: Embossed printing on ribbon

Santa Marina Mykonos: anaglyfi ektypwsi se kordela

Santa Marina, A Luxury Collection Resort, Mykonos” is an “emblematic” hotel in the Greek island of Mykonos which stands out for the high level of its services and the unique experience of hospitality that offers to its visitors. This unique hotel which, among other things, is included in the Forbes list of the top European places to visit for vacations, chose Newman Co for having its ribbons printed with its logo. In this way, after a specific order request, we printed the embossed logo of “SANTA MARINA MYKONOS” on a blue satin double sided ribbon (25 mm) using the silk screen printing technique with white color.

Anaglyfi metaksotypia se saten kordela diplis opsis
Embossed silk screen printing on satin double sided ribbon
Kordeles me to logotypo tis Santa Marina Mykonos
Santa Marina Mykonos logo ribbons

Learn more about the silk screen printing from our post. To print your logo on ribbons you can see the printed ribbon options. If you are interested to print your logo on packaging products or for any other information, please contact us.

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