Rich Coffee roasters: Printing on satin ribbons

Rich Coffee roasters: NewMan luxury satin ribbons with logo.

From the wonderful island of Cyprus, the Rich Coffee roasters shop constantly selects only the finest raw coffee beans in the world and then imports them into a high-tech roastery.

The most rewarding part of Rich Coffee roasters’ journeys is the people and their cultures, the friendship, the landscapes and the memories that are life experiences, which are put in every coffee bean that is roasted for everyone to enjoy.

Εκτύπωση εταιρικής επωνυμίας σε διακοσμητικές κορδέλες.
Λευκή μεταξοτυπία σε σατέν κορδέλες συσκευασίας.
Rich Coffee roasters: Σατέν πολυτελείας κορδέλες NewMan με λογότυπο.

NewMan Packaging has created Rich Coffee roasters’ ribbons that have a printed company logo on them.

The ribbons are 16mm wide luxury satin in dark blue color, while the white silk-screen printing technique was used for the logo printing.

White silk-screen printing on satin packaging ribbons.
White silk screen printing on satin packaging ribbons

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If you are still confused of what ribbon to print, feel free to check our photo gallery with previous projects.

Corporate name printing on decorative ribbons.
Corporate name printing on decorative ribbons

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