Printed sticky labels with cherries for summer packaging

Systema Hotel: Packaging sticky label with logo.

We are going through the middle of the summer season and we are constantly looking for new ways to discover interesting packaging proposals with summery scent for you and your customers.

This time, NewMan Packaging’s proposal concerns packaging sticky labels with printed cherries for Systema Hotel company!

Systema Hotel: Αυτοκόλλητη ετικέτα συσκευασίας με λογότυπο.
Αυτοκόλλητες ετικέτες με εκτυπωμένα κεράσια.
Τύπωμα κεράσι σε αυτοκόλλητες ετικέτες χονδρική.

The printed labels are 5×5 cm in size with a white background and two-color printing in green and red.

Let’s discuss some of the benefits of printing and using these sticky labels below.

Firstly, unlike the common stapler, a sticky label does not wear out the package white the former will “close” and secures the later with greater protection, without the fear that it will come off and the inner product will be lost.

Sticky labels with printed cherries.
Sticky labels with printed cherries

Furthermore, it is an additional way to promote and advertise your brand or company logo, making customers think of you and recognize you every time they watch the sticky label (high brand awareness – brand recall and recognition).

Finally, the square stickers with cherries are an additional decorative element in the package, giving style and grace.

In summary, it is worth mentioning that it is very important for more and more companies to focus on the care of their products’ packaging, causing an unforgettable unboxing experience to their consumers.

Cherry print on wholesale self-adhesive labels.
Cherry print on wholesale self adhesive labels

You can see pictures from NewMan printed sticky labels in “Photo Gallery” category of our site here.

If you wish to print your logo on sticker labels, please feel free to contact us.

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