Minthis – Pafilia: Custom-made bottle boxes for Christmas corporate gifts

Minthis - Pafilia Cyprus: Wholesale branded bottle boxes.

Pafilia Property Developers for more than 45 years has managed to transform the property landscape of Cyprus, helping to elevate the international status of our beloved country.

It is the market leader for Cyprus citizenship and residency programs.

Κουτιά ποτού για κρασιά και άλλα αλκοολούχα ποτά - ειδική κατασκευή NewMan.
Κουτί ποτού με εκτύπωση λογότυπου.
Συσκευασίες δώρων ποτού και κρασιού.
Παραδίδονται σε φλατ μορφή γι' αυτό και ονομάζονται σπαστά κουτιά.
Minthis - Pafilia Κύπρος: Επώνυμα κουτιά ποτού χονδρική.
Λιθογραφία και θερμοτυπία σε κουτιά ποτού με ματ πλαστικοποίηση.
Κουτιά δώρου για μπουκάλια.

As the largest private property developer in Cyprus, Pafilia offers a total solution to both immigration and lifestyle purchasers with a comprehensive array of pre- and post-sale services.

Bottle boxes for wines and other spirits – NewMan custom order.
Bottle boxes for wines and other spirits NewMan custom order

The extensive experience, the personal service and the proven-track record of Pafilia, together with vast and varied property portfolio, which includes Cyprus’ two most ground-breaking developments ONE and Minthis, have earned Pafilia over 39 international awards.

Bottle box with logo printing.
Bottle box with logo printing

The Minthis complex is part of Pafilia’s impressive portfolio of world-class, award-winning properties across Cyprus and Greece.

Its pioneering architecture is light-filled and energizing, designed to frame soul-stirring panoramas and connect residents with the refined simplicity of authentic Cypriot life.

Gift bottle boxes.
Gift bottle boxes

For the Minthis brand, we have specially created lock bottom bottle boxes for wine and spirits that will be used as packaging for Christmas corporate gifts.

The boxes are made of 300gr coated board (with gray back), which has been cut and matte laminated on one side, has been printed with rose gold hot-foil printing in the design of our customer’s choice and has been laminated on 2-sheet of e-flute cardboard.

Wine and spirits gift packaging.
Wine and spirits gift packaging

The box is delivered in a flat\open format, while assembling it, the packaging box is formed and is locked with lock-bottom, forming a very sturdy base that won’t open under the weight of the product inside.

In addition, for the handle, it has a black cord so that it is stable during transport.

Off-set and hot-foil printing on bottle box with mat lamination.
Off set and hot foil printing on bottle box with mat lamination

The custom-made NewMan bottle boxes for wines and spirits once assembled are 8.5×8.5×31.8cm in size which is ideal for most bottles, hosting everything from whiskey to wines with great ease.

To get a taste of our work in custom-made boxes visit this link while if you want to be inspired by our custom crafts see the link here.

Παραδίδονται σε φλατ μορφή γι' αυτό και ονομάζονται σπαστά κουτιά.
They are sold in flatopen format and this is why they are called assembly boxes

Learn about hot-foil printing technique by clicking the relevant article.

If you wish to learn more about our packaging products or if you have any other question, please contact us.

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