Le Petit Magique: Custom-made sliding jewellery boxes with logo

Le Petit Magique: Logo printing on jewellery paper box.

Le Petit Magique is the brainchild of silversmith and designer Katerina Roumelioti.

After finishing her silver smithery studies in 2014, she had the luck to participate in two a two year course for artistic and contemporary jewelry.

Le Petit Magique: Χάρτινο κουτί για κόσμημα με εκτύπωση λογότυπου.
Ροζ χάρτινα κουτιά κοσμημάτων με μαύρη μεταλλοτυπία.
Κουτί κοσμημάτων συρταρωτό με εσωτερικό βελούδο.
Συρταρωτά κουτιά από χαρτόνι με ματ πλαστικοποίηση.
Επώνυμα συρταρωτά κουτιά χονδρικής.
Χειροποίητα τυπωμένα κουτιά κοσμημάτων με λογότυπο.

That’s where the magic happened.

Now, having the technical know-how and learning all the ways in which she could express herself through her art, Le Petit Magique started to materialize and evolve.

It hasn’t stopped till this day.

Sliding boxes made of mat laminated paper.
Sliding boxes made of mat laminated paper

It all begun with the need to share her little “magic things” with the world and it keeps inspiring her daily.

Her creations tend to hop from a note-pad’s page to wax copies, to molds and then acquire their unique personality at her hands, one by one.

Logo printing on customized jewellery boxes.
Logo printing on customized jewellery boxes

Influenced by the magic of her work, she created beautiful, original, female packaging boxes, made by NewMan.

The sliding boxes belong to the category of “die-cut boxes”, in a flat shape that you assemble alone by carefully folding their creasing.

Black hot-foil printing on pink paper jewelry boxes.
Black hot foil printing on pink paper jewelry boxes

The external dimension of the box after being assembled is 7.6×7.6x4cm while its internal dimension is 6x6x4cm.

The boxes are in pink shade of the Pantone color palette with black hot-foil logo printing and a 15mm inner black velvet / foam with inserts for the best placement of the jewelry.

This is a NewMan production of a jewelry box that can be personalized according to the special needs of each of our customers, changing its design, color, shape, dimensions and inner material.

Wholesale branded sliding boxes.
Wholesale branded sliding boxes

Consult the NewMan samples guide to find the right type and color of paper to make your own boxes.

Get inspired by other NewMan matchbox-type boxes here.

Jewellery sliding box with inner velvet.
Jewellery sliding box with inner velvet

Learn about hot-foil printing technique by clicking the relevant article.

For more information or if you want to print your logo on packaging products please contact us.

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