Koko Di Alma: Round sticky labels with gold printing

Wholesale sticky labels with printing.

Anny Almasidou, a renowned jewelry designer, is inspired by the urban landscape, famous architectural structures and the elegant forms found in nature, which are gradually transformed into unique pieces of jewellery made of gold, silver, gold-plated silver and brass, as well as precious and semi-precious stones.

For the last two years Anny Almasidou has been developing her brand, Koko Di Alma, establishing her trademark style of easy-to-wear jewellery, recognizable for its architectural lines and industrial character.

Αυτοκόλλητες ετικέτες χονδρικής με εκτύπωση.
Αυτοκόλλητες ετικέτες με χρυσοτυπία στο λογότυπο.
Επώνυμα αυτοκόλλητα με εταιρική επωνυμία.

The collection is currently sold at galleries and stores throughout Greece such as: The Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center, The Benaki Museum, The Theoharakis Foundation of Art and The Municipal Art Gallery of Larissa.

For Koko Di Alma brand, NewMan company printed 6 cm wide sticky labels in a round shape with a black background, using the technique of gold hot-foil printing.

Logo gold foil printing on sticky labels.
Logo gold foil printing on sticky labels

One of the uses of NewMan sticky labels is to seal tissue papers when wrapping gifts.

It is a low cost and innovative solution to seal the wrapped products with the security that the tissue paper will not open during transport and the packaged items won’t be lost.

At the same time, the presence of the company name on the sticky label is a smart way to promote and advertise your brand to customers who open the packaging, making them remember you and possibly prefer you again in the future.

Branded stickers with company name.
Branded stickers with company name

If you want to see more printed sticky labels to get inspired for your own personalized products, visit the “Photo Gallery” page here.

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