Grace – Ultimate Elegance: Printed ribbons in … summer style!

Grace - Ultimate Elegance: NewMan satin ribbons with print.

We are going through the last month of spring and it gradually smells like summer!

Let’s add color to our packaging, being pioneers with colored ribbons or prints that will catch the eyes of consumers, making them unfold and see the content of the bag or box.

In the case of the “Grace – Ultimate Elegance” brand, we printed its extremely summery logo with embossed silkscreen printing in pastel blue.

The luxury satin ribbons that were chosen to host the logo print in 16mm width are double-sided and have an old pink color.

Business ribbons with logo printing.
Business ribbons with logo printing

Two happy colors that “travel” us in holiday paradises, where calm, balance, sun and sea dominate our hearts.

Will you dare to add some color to your professional packaging?

Custom ribbons with embossed silk-screen printing.
Custom ribbons with embossed silk screen printing

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If you are still confused of what ribbon to print, feel free to check our photo gallery with previous projects.

Branded wholesale ribbons in summer style.
Branded wholesale ribbons in summer style

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