Flocafe pouches

Gia tin etaireia NEXT A.E. kai to kainoyrio concept twn Flocafe: “Flocafe Espresso Room”, kataskevasame pougkia apo linatsa INDIA se fysiki apoxrwsi.

For “Next S.A.” Company in collaboration with “Flocafe” we produced pouches from burlap for their new concept’s promotion “Flocafe Espresso Room”, whose goal is the qualitative upgrade of customers’ experience in all levels. Specifically, we took on cutting the coarse fabric (INDIA burlap in pale color), which was given to our client in order to put the embroidered logo as you can see in the pictures, before bring it back to us in order to fulfill its production by sewing it up in a pouch shape and threading a cord (80cm length) in each of them. Watch this great project in the following pictures.

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