DLG Fashion: Printed twisted handle bags with logo

DLG Fashion: Eco-friendly shopping bag with printing.

In the clothing and accessories store DLG Fashion you will find elegant and modern clothes for every woman who wants to highlight her personality and her unique style.

In the DLG Fashion store, the comfort and the use of different patterns always in combination with the latest fashion trends will enhance the best version of yourself, creating beautiful combinations to stand out from morning till night.

Οικολογικές συσκευασίες NewMan με τυπωμένο λογότυπο.
DLG Fashion: Οικολογική σακούλα για κατάστημα με εκτύπωση.
Μαύρη μεταξοτυπία σε λευκές χάρτινες σακούλες.
Χάρτινες σακούλες στριφτό χεράκι χονδρικής με logo.
Τυπωμένες οικολογικές σακούλες καταστήματος με λογότυπο.

For the DLG Fashion brand, NewMan printed packaging bags from the “White Twisted handle carrier gift bags” series with black silk-screen logo and contact details.

The sizes selected are the following: 28×22 + 10cm bottom, 37×27 + 12cm bottom and 41×32 + 12cm bottom.

Printed eco shopping bags with logo.
Printed eco shopping bags with logo

Eco-friendly paper bags with a twisted handle are probably the most popular shopping bags in packaging.

It is a product of mechanized construction, using recycled papers with a twisted handle in the color of the bag.

Black silk-screen printing on white paper bags.
Black silk screen printing on white paper bags

You can print on the bag your own design or logo, the addresses of your physical stores, your social media accounts, the contact numbers of your company and / or your personal message to customers.

See a similar series with NewMan eco paper bags in Kraft color here.

NewMan eco-friendly packaging with printed logo.
NewMan eco friendly packaging with printed logo

If you are still confused of what bag to print, feel free to check our portfolio with previous projects.

Learn about silk-screen printing technique by clicking the relevant article.

Wholesale twisted handle paper gift bags with logo.
Wholesale twisted handle paper gift bags with logo

If you wish to learn more about our packaging products or if you have any other question, please contact us.

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