Dim and Dor: Double-faced satin ribbon with corporate logo

Dim and Dor: NewMan printed packaging.

At Dim and Dor store of handmade jewelry, shoes and accessories, you will find a wide variety of carefully handmade earrings, rings, necklaces, boho jewelry, bags, wallets and decorated sandals, made of special materials.

Dim and Dor: Είδη συσκευασίας NewMan με εκτύπωση.
Εταιρική επωνυμία σε σατέν κορδέλες διπλής όψης.
Επώνυμες κορδέλες συσκευασίας με λευκό τύπωμα.
Τυπωμένες σατέν κορδέλες χονδρικής με λογότυπο.

All jewelry is hypoallergenic from various metals (alloy, steel, brass), which are gilded or silver plated to have a gold and silver appearance.

In each item you can add or remove materials, depending on your needs and taste.

Wholesale satin ribbons with logo printing.
Wholesale satin ribbons with logo printing

For Dim and Dor brand in Peristeri, we created double-sided satin ribbons in black, with white logo hot-foil printing.

The branded Dim and Dor ribbons are 25mm wide.

Branded packaging ribbons with white print.
Επώνυμες κορδέλες συσκευασίας με λευκό τύπωμα

If you are interested about our ribbons, click the link.

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If you are still confused of what ribbon to print, feel free to check our photo gallery with previous projects.

Corporate brand name on double-faced satin ribbons.
Corporate brand name on double faced satin ribbons

Learn about gold hot-foil printing technique by clicking the relevant article.

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