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Digital printing on wholesale boxes by by NewMan Packaging.

NewMan today’s packaging proposal is related to the box production with the usage of digital printing.

The image of your brand is not just a label, a box or a bag where you pack or deliver your primary production.

It is, actually, the missing link for a successful product promotion and display and plays a primary role of establishing a strong corporate and product brand identity and skyrocketing your sales.

Τυπώνουμε ψηφιακά το δικό σας προσωποποιημένο κουτί στα χρώματα και σχέδια της επιλογής σας.
Ψηφιακή εκτύπωση σε κουτιά συσκευασίας.
Ψηφιακές εκτυπώσεις σε κουτιά χονδρικής by NewMan Packaging.

Digital printing refers to the digital image or file depiction on a natural surface such as a paper, to get the message (text or/and image) across through the computer’s digital file management.

This means speed, promptness and on demand printing with an equally decent result with the traditional typography.

Digital printing on packaging boxes.
Digital printing on packaging boxes

Using the digital printing technique, you can personalize your product packaging, by printing whatever you have ever imagine, with as many colors as you want and high-quality result, that will be very impressive.

The printed box that comes in the spotlight, is very attractive to the customers, who may keep it after your product’s usage for their personal use, for storing and organizing other items, even as a decorative element.

We digitally print your own personalized box in any color and pattern you choose.
We digitally print your own personalized box in any color and pattern you choose

Dare to make the difference by choosing digital printing on your custom-made packaging box.

For custom orders, contact us and we will create your dream packaging with pleasure!

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