Chora Mykonos Barefoot Luxury: Two-color logo printing on stitched grosgrain ribbons

Chora Mykonos Barefoot Luxury: NewMan wholesale printed ribbons.

The journey to “Chora”, the center of furniture and decoration, started in 2006 in the small town of Mykonos.

The aura and energy of this island of the winds, as well as nature are the protagonists of the inspiration of Chora Mykonos Barefoot Luxury creations that reflect the aesthetics and luxury worldwide.

All of the above have made this venue something more than just a place for shopping.

Here you can find the pieces of your dreams, made with love and high aesthetics, focused on the uncompromising luxury and quality, for a warm and hospitable home, filled with gorgeous colors and matching items.

Packaging ribbons with logo printing.
Packaging ribbons with logo printing

NewMan Packaging created printed packaging ribbons for the Chora Mykonos Barefoot Luxury furniture store.

The 25mm grosgrain ribbons are white with black stitches and a 2-color logo print, in the shades of light-blue and black, using the silk screen printing method.

Two-color printing on stitched grosgrain ribbon.
Two color printing on stitched grosgrain ribbon

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White branded ribbons with silk-screen printing.
White branded ribbons with silk screen printing

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