Blu Jewelry: printed pouch with gold foil technique

Pougki se sxima tsepis se tria diaforetika megethi, typwmeno me ti methodo tis xrysotypias.

“Βlu Jewelry” shop, located in Nea Erythraia chose Newman Company for its packages. Specifically, Irene Lorentzaki, founder of the store, chose a pocket-size pouch with ribbon in blue color in three different sizes: 70 x 60mm, 100 x 80mm and 150 x 130mm, where we printed the shop’s logo using the gold foil technique in blue electric color, upon custom ordering.

Katopin eidikis paraggelias typwsame pougkia se sxima tsepis me ti methodo tis xrysotypias.
We printed custom-made pouches (blue color) with Blu Jewelry shop’s logo.
Pocket-size pouch with ribbon (blue color), printed with Blu Jewelry shop’s logo.

Learn more about the gold foil printing from our post. If you are interested in printing your logo on packaging products or for any other information, please contact us.

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