Barbora Jewellery: Printed jewellery boxes and pouches

Barbora jewellery: Printed jewelry packaging.

Another collaboration between NewMan and Barbora handmade Jewellery company has been proved successful.

Pink hot-foil printed boxes and debossed pouches.
Pink hot foil printed boxes and debossed pouches

Unique boxes and pouches, printed with two different techniques, hot-foil printing and debossing printing, were produced for packing Barbora jewellery, that are affected by the Greece’s cultural heritage, the Greek Mythology, the ancient and amorphous.

Packaging that promote your jewellery uniqueness.
Packaging that promote your jewellery uniqueness

Brand’s vision is to create fine and delicate jewellery, wearable from different ages while having a common goal to emerge each woman’s elegance and femininity.

Debossed pocket-shaped pouches with button.
Debossed pocket shaped pouches with button

We designed branded white textured paper Barbora boxes in various sizes, upon our customer’s needs, with pink hot-foil printed logo.

Brand name design and boxes print in customized dimensions, depending on your needs.
Brand name design and boxes print in customized dimensions depending on your needs

Furthermore, our pocket-shaped pouches with button steal the show. They are designed in playful colors of fuchsia and lilac and they are printed with debossing technique.

Newman pouches for jewellery and accessories, printed with your own sketch.
Newman pouches for jewellery and accessories printed with your own sketch

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If you wish to learn more about our packaging products or if you have any other question, please contact us.

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