Alaleon Athens: Logo printing on jewellery pouches and sticky labels

Alaleon Athens: Newman wholesale packaging with brand name printing.

Maria Patera is the designer and creator of Alaleon jewelry.

She is inspired by the myths and the seacoasts of Greece.

Alaleon Athens: Συσκευασίες Newman χονδρική με εκτύπωση εταιρικής επωνυμίας.
Μεταλλοτυπία σε είδη συσκευασίας για κοσμήματα.
Αυτοκόλλητα και ποσέτες για κατάστημα κοσμημάτων με εκτύπωση.
Επώνυμα είδη συσκευασίας κοσμημάτων NewMan με τυπωμένο λογότυπο.
Τυπωμένα πουγκιά σε σχήμα τσέπης με κουμπί και αυτοκόλλητες ετικέτες με λογότυπο.

Each piece of jewellery is handmade and unique, an “One, but a Lion!” – “Ena, Alla Leon” (ALALEON) as mentioned in Aesop’s Fable “The Fox and the Lion”.

Through her jewelry she tries to express the feelings of the woman in a dynamic and constantly changing living environment.

Every piece of jewelry is chosen and worn depending the mood of every day, of every moment and they are, as she states, the only lions of our emotions!

Printed pocket-shaped pouches with button and sticky labels with logo.
Printed pocket shaped pouches with button and sticky labels with logo

For the Alaleon jewelry brand, NewMan company created, upon custom order, suede pouches with button in various colors and sizes and self-adhesive labels with its logo.

Hot-foil printing on jewellery packaging.
Hot foil printing on jewellery packaging

More specifically, the light-blue suede pouch that was selected has the size of 70x60mm, the black pocket has the size of 100x80mm while the fuchsia has the size of 105x55mm with a partition in the middle.

The Alaleon Athens logo was printed on all the pocket-shaped pouches using the turquoise hot-foil printing method.

NewMan has a huge variety of small jewelry cases – pouches, that you can find in the following link.

If you are interested in printed pouches and especially for available colors, shapes and prices, click this link.

Feel free to check our photo gallery with previous printed suede pouches.

Printing on stickers and pockets for a jewellery store.
Printing on stickers and pockets for a jewellery store

In addition, we printed transparent rectangular sticky labels to close the packaging of the products with the technique of black hot-foil printing.

You can see pictures from NewMan printed sticky labels in “Photo Gallery” category of our site here.

Learn about gold hot-foil printing technique by clicking the relevant article.

NewMan branded jewellery packaging with logo printing.
NewMan branded jewellery packaging with logo printing

If you wish to learn more about our packaging products or if you have any other question, please contact us.

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